History and tradition

Since 1865

The Hotel Eller was built in 1865 by the curate Eller and his sisters Katherina and Filomena.
In 2000 the hotel rooms were refurbished to comfort rooms.
In 2001 the hotel bar was rebuilt and is today a popular meeting point for young and old.
In 2005 the wellness area with swimming pool and sauna were built.

Although the Gapp family adheres to the historic and bourgeois traditions of the hotel, a unique symbiosis of the traditional and the modern, the past and the present is established. Our guests are still welcome in the spacious lounge with its original wooden ceiling. The arrangement of the reading- and dining rooms reminds of the past as well as the silver cutlery and the classically laid table. This gives our time honoured hotel its special flair. It is fully refurbished with all modern comforts.

Johann Eller, curate and priest of Sulden, was the first to initiate tourism in the valley. In 1869 the guestrooms for only six people in the rectory were no longer sufficient to accommodate the growing number of guests. Therefore, curate Eller and his two sisters Katherina and Filomena decided to renovate it and gave it the name “Guesthouse St. Gertrude”. The development for tourism in Sulden was founded. Before the turn of the century the guesthouse was fully refurbished and was then called Hotel Eller.

In the first decades of the twentieth century Sulden was mainly visited in the summer period by mountaineers. Famous persons such as Christomannos (who was only concerned with the well-being of other people and remained in the background himself), Julius Payer (a pioneer in surveying mountains) and many more were registered in the guestbook, where they described their mountain hikes.

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