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Weather South Tyrol

General weather situation today

With strong northerly winds cold polar air masses will reach South Tyrol.

Weather situation today

In the northern parts of the region clouds will prevail, along the main crest of the Alps it will snow. Towards the South it will remain dry and the cold and very strong wind will lead to sunny conditions. In the evening and in the following night rain will extend to the whole area. The highest precipitation sums have to be expected between the Brenner pass and the Staller Sattel. The snow line lies between 800 m in the North and 1200 m in the South.

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 11°C
Min. 9°C

Mountain weather today

A low pressure system brings humid and cool air to the Alps.

Temperature in 2.000 meters: -2°C
Temperature in 3.000 meters: -7°C
0°C limit: 1500 meters

Weather tomorrow

Rainy conditions in the morning, on the eastern alpine crest strong snowfall is expected. Snow line at 900 m in the north, at 1200 m in the south, rising during the day. In the afternoon precipitations in the north, in the south sunny spells. Windy.

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 19°C
Min. 0°C

Weather development

25.10.2014 26.10.2014 27.10.2014
Wetter Wetter Wetter
Max. 19 °C
Min. 0 °C
Max. 17 °C
Min. -3 °C
Max. 18 °C
Min. 0 °C

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