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Welcome to Solda near the Ortles!

The Hotel Eller, steeped in tradition, offers warm hospitality and closeness to nature in the midst of some of South Tyrol’s most impressive landscapes.

In an edition of Innsbruck’s weekly magazine “Wochenblatt” from the 4th January 1802 the Sulden valley was disrespectfully described as “Tyrol’s Siberia where peasants and bears eat from the same bowl, and children ride on the backs of wolves.”

The ideal high–altitude location of the valley made Sulden famous all over Europe. In winter this area is assured of snow and in summer it is a perfect starting point for walking and hiking tours.

As the first tourists, who at the time were called ‘strangers’, visited the Sulden valley, it was the curate Eller to set up a guesthouse for their accommodation. The hotel Eller still bears his name but the modern comfort and convenience are not comparable to the time when it was founded. It is with full justification that the Hotel Eller, with its more than 100 years of history, can designate itself as one of the richest buildings in terms of tradition.

Over the course of the decades a lot has changed, except for the Hotel Eller is still among the most prestigious hotels in the valley. We would be glad to count you among our guests.

A whole-heartedly welcome in the New Eller!

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